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Action Plan

Elements of the Action Plan

Consistent with GAO’s recommendations and the Appropriations Act, the CBP partners have designed, developed, and begun implementation of the Chesapeake Action Plan.

The Plan includes four primary components:

  • A Strategic Framework that unifies CBP’s existing planning documents and clarifies how CBP partners will pursue the restoration and protection goals for the Bay and its watershed.
  • An Activity Integration Plan System that identifies and catalogues CBP partners’ resources and actions underway and planned.
  • Dashboards, which are high-level summaries of key information, including clear status of progress, realistic annual tar-gets toward certain Chesapeake 2000 goals, summaries of actions and funding, and critical analyses of the current strategy, challenges, and future emphasis.
  • An Adaptive Management Process that begins to identify how this information and analysis will provide critical input to CBP partners’ actions, emphasis, and future priorities.

Purpose of the Action Plan

Together, these components:

  • Promote enhanced coordination among CBP partners.
  • Encourage the partners to continually review and improve their progress in protecting and restoring the Bay.
  • Increase the transparency of CBP’s operations for partners and the public.
  • Heighten the level of accountability of CBP as a whole and of the individual partners for meeting their Bay health and restoration goals.

 Additionally, to greater align the program with the CAP and the adaptive management system, CBP has reorganized the keystone pillar structure, including an emphasis of the connectivity between the goal areas.

Strategic Framework